NEW ARTICLES - JUNE 2018 Updated: June 15, 2018
A primer on the Fine-Tuning argument Dr. J.R. Miller - More Than Cake
Where did the laws of nature come from?: Astrophysicist Hugh Ross vs chemist Peter Atkins Uncommon Descent
There Are No Laws of Physics. There's Only the Landscape. Quanta Magazine
Problem solved: There are no laws of physics, says prominent string theorist Uncommon Descent
Data discrepancies may affect understanding of the universe Science Daily
Astrophysicist: Evolutionary worldview must answer the question, Where is ET? Uncommon Descent
How Earth slows the solar wind to a gentle breeze Science Daily
Fine-tuning?: Earth slows the deadly solar wind to a gentle breeze Uncommon Descent
Milky Way is twice as large as we thought Astronomy
Our Milky Way galaxy is twice as large as previously thought? Uncommon Descent
If real, dark fusion could help demystify this physics puzzle Science News
Dark Matter Hunt Comes Up Empty Again Creation-Evolution Headlines
Astrophysics and Molecular Genetics with the Parking Brake On Evolution News
Does the Cosmic Microwave Background Confirm the Big Bang? ICR
Why some scientists say physics has gone off the rails NBC
Globular clusters 4 billion years younger than previously thought Science Daily
Are globular clusters 4 billion years younger than previously thought? Uncommon Descent
More Information Found in DNA: The Shape Code Evolution News
This one, newly discovered cell can remake a whole animal Science
Scientists have captured the elusive cell that can regenerate an entire flatworm Science Daily
Undersampling Genomes has Biased Time and Rate Estimates Throughout the Tree of Life Molecular Biology and Evolution
Observing the cell's protein factories during self-assembly Science Daily
Groundbreaking Paper Shows Thousands of New Genes Needed for the Origin of Animals Evolution News
Viruses invent their own genes? Then what is left of Darwinism? Uncommon Descent
Why we make blood cells in our bones AAAS EurekAlart
Homologous recombination and the repair of DNA Double-Strand Breaks JBC Papers in Press
Biophysicist Ken Dill: Protein Machines Are "Real Machines. That's Not a Metaphor" Evolution News
Design in Living Things Goes Far Beyond Machines Evolution News
There are now many variants of the "universal" genetic code Uncommon Descent
Secrets of the Y Chromosome NY Times
“Beyond neo-Darwinism” revisited Epigenetics vs. the selfish gene Uncommon Descent
New type of photosynthesis discovered Imperial College London
Sex redefined Nature
NASA Titillates Public Again with Fake Mars Life Creation-Evolution Headlines
Much Ado About Martian Organics Evolution News
New Paper in Evolution Journal: Humans and Animals Are (Mostly) the Same Age? Evolution News
Are all animal species really the same age? Todd C. Wood
Incredible Fish that Defy Evolution Creation-Evolution Headlines
Protein Folds Violate Evolutionary Expectations Evolution News
Simpler model gets to the point with proteins Science Daily
Biological landscapes, surfaces, and morphospaces: what are they good for? Footnotes to Plato
Skeptic: Panspermia (life came from elsewhere than Earth) is “pseudoscience” Uncommon Descent
Life Exponential: Life Exhibits Intelligent Design at Many Levels Evolution News
Robin Collins and atheist Peter Millican discuss the fine-tuning of the universe for life Wintery Knight
Mechanics, as well as genetics, is needed for viable embryo development Uncommon Descent
Are There Enough Chemicals on Icy Worlds to Support Life? Universe Today
When evolution's path leads to a dead end MassiveSci
Sexual trappings (dimorphism) may increase likelihood of extinction, not survival Uncommon Descent
Some human brains are nearly twice the size of others Science Daily
People with big brains have a different brain structure too New Scientist
Human-Specific Genes Implicated in Brain Size The Scientist
Did extreme fluctuations in oxygen, not a gradual rise, spark the Cambrian explosion? Science Daily
Scientists rethink co-evolution of marine life, oxygenated oceans Science Daily
Archaea Family Tree Blossoms, Thanks to Genomics The Scientist
Can Archaea Teach Us About the Evolution of Eukaroyotes? The Scientist
Bent bird feathers repair themselves when soaked in water New Scientist
Nylon-eating bacteria - Part 4: Interpretation according to Coded Information System theory
Engineered Adaptability: Adaptive Changes Are Purposeful, Not Random ICR
Is It Becoming Safer to Doubt Darwin? Creation-Evolution Headlines
These Creatures Would Give Darwin Shivers Evolution News
Bees understand the concept of zero Science Daily
And bees understand the concept of zero too! Uncommon Descent
Not only that but … pigeons understand probabilities! Uncommon Descent
Animals take turns when communicating? Who would have imagined that? Uncommon Descent
First tetrapods of Africa Science Daily
Researchers: Early tetrapods transitioned between land, salt, and fresh water Uncommon Descent
Could Designed Systems Explain Green Lizard Blood? ICR
Improved ape genome assemblies provide new insights into human evolution Science Daily
Note to Thomists: The Ear Is a Reverse Piano Evolution News
Did extreme fluctuations in oxygen, not a gradual rise, spark the Cambrian explosion? Science Daily
Marine redox fluctuation as a potential trigger for the Cambrian explosion GeoScienceWorld
Earth could have supported continental crust, life earlier than thought Science Daily
"Live action" captured in a spider’s web from 100 million years ago Uncommon Descent
Lizards and snakes backdated to Permian era, lizards lost or changed limbs many times Uncommon Descent
World's Oldest Footprints Discovered on Ancient Seafloor Live Science
Fossil find offers first evidence of four-legged aquatic ancestors in Africa The Conversation
99-million-year-old featherwing beetle preserved in amber Science Daily
Why did human Y chromosome diversity “collapse” 7000 years ago? Uncommon Descent
Why Social Science Needs Evolutionary Theory Nautilus
At Nautilus: Psychology needs evolutionary psychology Uncommon Descent
Homo naledi - A baby from Dinaledi Todd C. Wood
Was Neanderthal man fully human? The role racism played in assessing the evidence Uncommon Descent
The Left Doesn’t Know If We’re Animals Or Not The Stream
Neuroscientist debunks hype about no free will, etc. Uncommon Descent
The Descent of Man: Part 3: The Case for Homo Neanderthalensis as Fully Human More Than Cake - Dr. Joe R. Miller
On Hominid Fossils and Universal Common Ancestry, Denis Lamoureux Distorts Evolution News
The Gnostic World of John Walton Is Genesis History?
Just Not Working - A Review of Dennis Lamoureux's Critique of Theistic Evolution Shadow of Oz
In Defense of Theistic Evolution, Denis Lamoureux Rewrites History Evolution News
Astonished and Amused by Lamoureux's (Mis)Take on Intelligent Design Evolution News
A note on eugenics, social darwinism and evolutionary theory Uncommon Descent
Contact with Reality: Michael Polanyi's Realism and Why It Matters Denver Seminary
JDK argues against objective morality—by assuming the truth of objective morality. Uncommon Descent
An unusually clear description of how scientism functions as a religion Uncommon Descent
The Shortfall of David Hume’s Critique of Natural Philosophy More Than Cake - Dr. Joe R. Miller
Why the Left Loves and Hates Science Sultan Knish
The 'Commandments' of Carl Sagan Real Clear Science
The Eight Commandments of Carl Sagan Uncommon Descent
We Should Teach All Students, in Every Discipline, to Think Like Scientists Scientific American
Big Science Has Become a Political Machine Creation-Evolution Headlines
Opinion | What Religion Gives Us (That Science Can't) NY Times
Did religion evolve?
Why Do Rich and Famous People Kill Themselves? Uncommon Descent
Beauty Leads Us Home Evolution News
Artificial Intelligence's Homunculus Problem: Why AI Is Unlikely Ever to Match Human Intelligence Bill Dembski
Why is the objectivity of Mathematics an important (& ID-relevant) question? Uncommon Descent
Why argue with intelligent design? Offer drive-by psychotherapy instead! Evolution News
Weasel words about teaching students to think like scientists Uncommon Descent
Listen: Turner, Meyer, and Bernard's Dangerous Idea Evolution News
The new gang of hyper-confident male atheists wants you to laugh at religion National Post
Evolutionists Think Your Brain is a Mistake Creation-Evolution Headlines
New Walter Bradley Center to assess claims for artificial intelligence critically Uncommon Descent
Organic product methane found in soil samples from Mars Uncommon Descent
There's an "Inverse Piano" in Your Head Scientific American
Has Consciousness Lost Its Mind? Is This the World's Most Bizarre Scholarly Meeting? The Chronicle of Higher Education
What Is It About Space Aliens that Makes Evolutionists Go Nuts? Creation-Evolution Headlines
Einstein was a genius of physics. But he wasn't a saint The Guardian
Researcher who hopes machines will think like humans draws flak for critiquing the field Uncommon Descent