NEW ARTICLES - FEBRUARY 2018 Updated: February 14, 2018
Philosopher Alvin Plantinga, sympathetic to ID, in animated form Uncommon Descent
Darwin Under Criticism in India
Ann Gauger on Ch. 10 of Heretic: Why Darwinism Can’t Accomplish Innovation or Explain Origins Evolution News
Most Evangelicals Are Not Creationists? Patheos
Paleontologist Bechly gets support from Science and Health Council Uncommon Descent
Cosmic Fine-Tuning and the Problem of Evil Evolution News
'Serious gap' in cosmic expansion rate hints at new physics BBC
William Lane Craig, Jordan Peterson, and Rebecca Goldstein on the meaning of life Uncommon Descent
Astrophysicists settle cosmic debate on magnetism of planets and stars Science Daily
Cosmologist Sean Carroll on why there is something rather than nothing: No “sensible answer” Uncommon Descent
Sean Carroll's Preposterous Universe Evolution News
Creation vs Evolution: The Bombardier Beetle Challenge Creation-Evolution Headlines
Canadian psychologist takes on the howling post-modern void, largely alone Uncommon Descent
Is the Universe a conscious mind? Aeon
Peter Woit: 15th anniversary of multiverse mania, “a concerted attack on conventional notions of science” Uncommon Descent
Primitive fish's sea-floor shuffle illuminates the origins of walking Nature
A thought on soul-body-spirit (and on the meaning of “death” in the Judaeo-Christian frame of thought) Uncommon Descent
Adam and Eve: Some of those just-a-myth citations turned out to be fig leaves Uncommon Descent
Adam and the Genome and "Predetermined Conclusions" Evolution News
Earth's Inner Core Shouldn't Technically Exist Live Science
Matti Leisola: Another gifted scientist poised over the memory hole? Uncommon Descent
More mammal species than we thought? But what defines a mammal species? Uncommon Descent
New crayfish that doesn't need males to mate becomes all-powerful BBC
Evolution as Evil Illusion: How Darwinism Destroys Human Dignity with Illogic Creation-Evolution Headlines
Why Is There Something, Rather Than Nothing? Preposterous Universe
2018 FIRE The 10 worst colleges for free speech Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
Neanderthals' lack of drawing ability may relate to hunting techniques Science Daily
Some infinities are bigger than others Cosmos Magazine
Bat Designs Tainted by Batty Evolution Stories Creation-Evolution Headlines
Neuroscientist: We will never build a machine that mimics our personal consciousness Uncommon Descent
The weirdness of entangled time Uncommon Descent
Jonathan Wells: Wilson’s book on Darwin is flawed but he is right on a key point Uncommon Descent
The Scientist Who Shouldn’t Exist — New Book by Matti Leisola, Jonathan Witt Evolution News
Doubtful Finnish scientist discovers just how intellectually curious Darwinists are Uncommon Descent
Heretic, Intelligent Design, and the Materialism of the Gaps Evolution News
The bombardier beetle, the toad, and - after all these years - Mike Behe Uncommon Descent
Wikipedia Erases Scientist from History American Council on Science and Health
The (Ir)religious Theory of Evolution - A Darwinist Gets Called Out Evolution News
Origin-of-Life Speculation Is Out of ContrOOL Creation-Evolution Headlines
Cambrian Explosion Blues Evolution News
Darwin Report Card: How Useful Is Evolutionary Theory? Creation-Evolution Headlines
Darwin Report Card, continued: How Useful Is Evolutionary Theory? Creation-Evolution Headlines
Genetic novelty conference Salzburg July 4-8, 2018: “Errors cannot explain genetic novelty and complexity.” Uncommon Descent
Losing the Forest by Fixating on the Trees - A Response to Venema's Critique of Undeniable Evolution News
Sick of the Oxygen Theory of the Cambrian Explosion? Here's the Cancer Theory Evolution News
The recipe for life: Researchers find that the amino acid arginine may have played a more important role in the chemical origins of life Science Daily
Avida comes to school
Smoking gun for a rare mutation mechanism Nature
Solving the puzzle of multicellularity Science Daily
When did flowers originate? Science Daily
Debate blooms over anatomy of the world's first flower Nature
Researchers: Over one hundred million-year gap between accounts of when flowers originated - “false precision” Uncommon Descent
Could these be the oldest Neandertal tools made with fire? Science Magazine
Oldest known multipurpose tool was forged in fire Nature
Starfish in the Deep Sea Can See The Scientist
Adam and the Genome and Citation Bluffing Evolution News
Better knowledge of evolution leads to greater acceptance of the concept Science Daily
What William James Got Right About Consciousness Nautilus
Critics attack study that rewrote human arrival in Americas Nature
Genomics of the origin and evolution of Citrus Nature
Let's move beyond the rhetoric: it's time to change how we judge research Nature
The Origin of Disease: A Creation Perspective, Part 1 Answers in Genesis
Human Traits Not So Simple After All ICR
My Thought About Justice is Not Justice: Easy for ID; a Deal Killer for Materialism Uncommon Descent
Researchers: Genes can be suppressed by sound stimulation Uncommon Descent
Engineered Adaptability: Sensor Triggers Affirm Intelligently Designed Internalism ICR
Researchers: A mutational timer is built into DNA chemistry Uncommon Descent
We Should Not Accept Scientific Results That Have Not Been Repeated Nautilus
Did surface life evolve on Mars? Newly published research casts increased doubt Science Daily
You thought quantum mechanics was weird: check out entangled time Aeon
Claim: No fine-tuning needed; an alternative universe without a weak force could work Uncommon Descent
At Nature: Much insect research could be “impossible to replicate” Uncommon Descent
Most insect studies lack crucial species information Nature
Memo to Marx: Technology, not religion, is now the opiate of the people Uncommon Descent
Researchers: Human language circuits not “new”; they predate humans Uncommon Descent
Creationism isn't about science, it's about theology (and it's really bad theology) America Magazine
Claim: Complex self-replicating molecules can emerge spontaneously and relatively easily from simple chemical reaction systems Uncommon Descent
The Big Bounce challenges the Big Bang, Round 50 Uncommon Descent
Tech advance may make Earth-sized exoplanet analysis easier Uncommon Descent
Astrophysicists discover planets in extragalactic galaxies using microlensing Science Daily
Synchronised dance of dwarf galaxies stumps big bang boffins Bible-Science Forum
Cheetahs' inner ear is one-of-a-kind - evolved recently Science Daily
Revolutionary stone tools found in India “much earlier than thought,” 385 kya Uncommon Descent
How warp-speed evolution is transforming ecology Nature
A note on state space search challenge Uncommon Descent
There are more mammal species than we thought Science Daily
Christian Scientific Society: Can predatory animals be seen as “evil”? Uncommon Descent
AI, state/configuration space search and the ID search challenge Uncommon Descent
AI, intelligent agency and the intersection with ID Uncommon Descent
Philosopher: “Self” is a scientific concept Uncommon Descent
Philosopher: Materialist claims to explain the mind are like claims to have squared the circle Uncommon Descent