Of Current Interest on the ARN Website

Featured on this page are articles, reviews, and other postings of current interest and significance that have recently appeared on the ARN Home page. Also listed are other recent additions to older areas of the site, and items with continuing additions.

  • Intelligent Design Defended from the Floor of the US House of Representatives
    On June 14, 2000, Indiana Representative Mark Souder responded openly to the U.S. House of Representatives to a letter he received from seven members of the Baylor University teaching staff denouncing his participation in a recent Discovery Institute conferenc on intelligent design. Included is his address to the House, followed by the text of the letter.

  • Teaching Moments from Disney's Dinosaur
    Dennis Wagner reviews the recent Disney movie, offering some observations about Disney's uncharacteristic departure from the typical Darwinian trend evident in someof its more recent releases. File Date: 7.07.00

  • Edward J. Larson's Pulitzer Prize Winning Book
    Edward J. Larson won this year's Pulitzer Prize for history for his book Summer for the Gods: The Scopes Trial and America's Continuing Debate over Science and Religion. An Ohio native, Edward Larson holds dual posts as professor of law and of history at the University of Georgia.

  • NAS Guidebook on Teaching Evolution
    The National Academy of Sciences has released its new guidebook on the teaching of evolution, designed for teachers, parents, school administrators and policymakers. In addition to links to the booklet and its press release, we have included an AP/Chicago Tribune article covering the release.

  • PBS Technopolitics Broadcasts on Origins Debate
    Technopolitics, public television's news-making series on the politics of science, technology and the environment, recently broadcast two episodes featuring Michael Behe, Phillip Johnson, and Michael Ruse discussing the topic of origins. Enclosed are the transcripts.

  • PBS Firing Line Debate on Creation/Evolution
    Articles and reviews about the December 19, 1997 telecast that featured Johnson, Behe, Berlinski and Buckley debating Lynne, Scott, Ruse, and Miller.


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