Press Release April 27, 2003

Unlocking the Mystery of Life Available at PBS

Press Release

On April 27, 2003 the compelling video documentary Unlocking the Mystery of Life, a 58-minute program exploring what DNA reveals about the origin of life, will be available to to every Public Broadcasting station in the nation. The program will be up-linked by a satellite feed offered and coordinated by the National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA).

Unlocking the Mystery of Life represents a unique programming opportunity for local stations. Its broadcast release coincides with the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest scientific breakthroughs in history—James Watson and Francis Crick’s discovery that the DNA molecule carries hereditary information in the form of a code that many scientists have likened to computer software or a written language.

This discovery (announced on April 25,1953) sparked a scientific revolution. But it also left a fundamental question unanswered. Where did the information in DNA come from? How did the software in the cell arise?

Unlocking the Mystery of Life explores these questions through the stories of a growing number of scientists who no longer believe that natural selection or chemistry, alone, can explain life’s origin. Instead, they think that the microscopic world of the cell provides evidence of purpose and design in nature.

Since its home video release in May 2002, Unlocking the Mystery of Life has been acclaimed by educators and scientists, parents and students, throughout the world.

Its 3D computer graphic sequence, depicting the extraordinary information processing system within the cell, ranks among the finest animation of its kind ever produced.

Program managers at individual PBS stations will have the opportunity to record Unlocking the Mystery of Life directly from the satellite feed. For the next three years they may incorporate it into the station's broadcast schedule at their discretion. We at Illustra Media believe that the PBS viewing audience will respond positively to Unlocking the Mystery of Life and encourage their local stations, verbally and financially, to air this important program.

File Date: 04.23.03