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Kansas City Star August 4, 2004

Conservatives Lead School Board Races (in Kansas)

By John Calvert

A report in the Kansas City Star speaks of the elections of Kathy Martin and Steve Abrams to the Kansas State Board of Education. This is important to Intelligent Design because both elections turned on the issue of evolution. Martin and Abrams were opposed to an "Evolution Only" paradigm, while their opponents were for it. Bruce Wyatt, the incumbent who was defeated by Martin, ran his campaign entirely on that one issue.

Martin, is a brilliant, but very humble and experienced public school teacher. Her campaign message was that the public education of our children should be run by "those who know their names." She recognizes that Public Education has many other issues to deal with than Evolution and tried to steer the campaign debate so that it would not be focused entirely on the "E" word. However, her opponent and the media kept bringing it back to evolution and intelligent design and what a horrible decision the 1999 board had made when they "downplayed," evolution.

Well the public spoke. In both cases "Evolution Only" was defeated. This is significant because it also reflects a defeat of the media that seemed to try their best to hinder the election of Martin and Abrams.

To see the entire article, click the link above. You may need to register with the Kansas City Star.

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