March 14, 2002

A Book on the Way, and the Latest from Ohio

I have been away from my usual routine for some time while completing a book manuscript for summer publication. I will announce details when the publisher is ready, which should be soon.

The Battle of Ohio was joined this week, when the Ohio state Board of Education held a special meeting before a crowd of 1000 persons in a Columbus auditorium to consider alternatives to an aggressively pro-Darwinian science curriculum proposed by a drafting committee. For a good basic news account, see

U.S. Senator Rick Santorum contributed an opinion column on the controversy, emphasizing the bipartisan support for consideration of scientific alernatives to evolution, including intelligent design.

Complete articles on what happened in Ohio will be available in due course at this web site and at For now, the important thing is that Darwinism is facing a huge crisis both in American and Britain. In Ohio, the 13 presidents of the state's universities have announced that they oppose any measure allowing the teaching of intelligent design, a desperate measure that indicates how fearful Darwinists are at the prospect of losing their monopoly over education. In Britain, much of the Prime Minister's question time this week involved a single school that is teaching both evolutionism and creationism as alternatives.

"Why are the Darwinists so fearful?" is the question any intelligent reader will ask. Is their case so weak that it will collapse if any alternative is allowed to be heard? Yes, it is. And that is why Darwinism is doomed, regardless of how the Ohio vote goes this time. A "science" that needs to be protected from public scrutiny has a low life expectancy.

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File Date: 3.14.02

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