December 2, 2001

Wells Hits a Home Run at Harvard

This installment was delayed because of Internet troubles and a trip to give a banquet speech to benefit the Brentwood Christian School in Austin, TX. Brentwood is one of those key efforts to prepare a new generation of  Christian thinkers to meet the challenges of modernity and post-modernity. Besides the public lecture attended by over 500, I met with their high school class in history and philosophy of science, an innovation in secondary school education which I hope will be widely imitated.

The big news this week is the home run scored by Jonathan Wells at Harvard, a sign that it is nearly inevitable that "teach the controversy"  will become public policy.  I sent this message to our friends Michael Ruse and Richard Dawkins:  

Hi Michael and Richard:
Can it possibly be illegal or improper for a public school teacher to inform students that "This is the sort of debate that is now occurring in universities?" 

- Phil

Panelists Discuss Validity Of Evolutionary Theory

Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute Jonathan Wells and Harvard Professor of Biology Stephen Palumbi debated the merits of evolutionary theory last night at the Kennedy School of Government's ARCO Forum. Although Wells and Palumbi disagreed about evolutionary theory, both said presenting multiple viewpoints on evolution is an important part of education.... [from the Harvard Crimson]

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