November 27, 2001

An Interview with the BBC

This morning the BBC interviewed me for a live (in Britain) afternoon program on my book The Wedge of Truth, and more generally on scientific materialist dogmatism. The BBC has been polite previously in phone interviews, but this time they were taking the subject more seriously, as if they appreciate that the leading British metaphysicians of science, esp Hawking and Dawkins, are being found out at last.

Last week's Weekly Wedge Update was guest-written by Bill Dembski, with input from an eyewitness in the audience who described the scornful demeanor of some of the attendees at Dembski's Monday seminar. The atmosphere was quite different from that at the Tuesday evening debate between Dembski and Stuart Kauffmann, where Kauffmann graciously affirmed the legitimacy of the respective positions. Dave Thomas of the local New Mexico skeptics group has protested that his group was not involved in any of the disrespecful behavior that was described in the report, and I am happy to accept his disclaimer. It would be helpful if he would go further, and make a positive statement similar to Kauffmann's. I am sure this would have a positive effect on the behavior of New Mexico audience members, some of whom seem to have formed the impression that they should be discourteous to anyone who questions Darwinism or materialism.

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File Date: 11.27.01

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