November 13, 2001

Dembski/Pigliucci Debate

First, there was the Dembski/Pigliucci Debate November1 at the New York Academy of Sciences:

November 1, 2001
Intelligent Design vs. Evolution: A debate Lyceum Society
Paul Kurtz (moderator), SUNY, Buffalo
William A. Dembski, Baylor University
Massimo Pagliucci, University of Tennessee

Open to the public. Reservation required for non-Lyceum Society members.
2:00 PM - 4:30 PM
At the New York Academy Sciences
2 East 63rd Street

This debate was moderated by the very non-neutral but polite Paul Kurtz. From informal reports it appeared that Dembski came across as Mr. Nice Guy, playing the rationality card to Pigliucci's heavy-handed performance as Darwinist Enforcer, the Police Chief du jour. The audience of elderly rationalists was against Dembski but not rude, and they were doing the Lord's work by insisting on having the debate despite the misgivings of the more politically-minded leaders of the NYAS. The important thing is that the issue penetrated to this forum as a rationally debatable subject. The scientific leadersihip will eventually figure out that science cannot forever rely on bombast and bluster, and when they come to that conclusion, Darwinism will fade away. Great work, Bill. Absorbing the insults is what we have to do for now, and the Darwinists are playing a losing hand when they play that way.

I speak Monday night and Tuesday morning, November 19 and 20, at the Anaheim, CA Convention Center for the American Christian Schools International, My esteemed colleague Dr. John Mark Reynolds will also be speaking on Tuesday and Access Research Network will be hosting an exhibit booth featuring their new RealScience-4-Kids elementary school curriculum (

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