Taking a Chance on Choice

This is Nancy Pearcey, in the Public Square.

Americans are addicted to choice. That's what sociologist Tom Wolfe claims in a new book called Moral Freedom. Wolfe says individuals now claim the right to choose their OWN morality.

This is bad news for religion-or is it?

Sociologists often say that the modern culture of choice and pluralism is fatal to religion. But the doomsayers are wrong. Studies by Christian Smith, an evangelical sociologist, found that religious commitment is actually STRONGER when it's a profoundly personal decision.

Smith found that people no longer think it's enough to blindly accept the religion of one's parents or ethnic group. Believers are actually MORE committed when they've tested Christianity against other worldviews-and proven it true.

Secular sociologists keep predicting the demise of Christianity-but the facts keep proving them wrong. God's truth has the power to prevail in any culture-even one addicted to choice.

I'm Nancy Pearcey.

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