Is America an Open Society?

This is Nancy Pearcey in the Public Square.

The war in Afghanistan eclipsed other events in the news, like the recent eight-part PBS series on evolution. But this is one item Christians should not overlook. A leaked internal memo says the program is designed to "co-opt existing local dialogue about teaching evolution in schools."

In other words, it's coming to local schools next-so we'd better be ready.

The program implies that all reputable scientists accept naturalistic evolution. Yet 100 scientists have signed a statement saying they're skeptical of Darwin's theory of evolution.

Why weren't the dissident scientists included in the PBS program? After all, our encounter with the Taliban reminds us forcefully that what makes America unique is that we're an open society, where any orthodoxy can be challenged-in government or in science.

The Discovery Institute has prepared a web site critiquing the PBS series-available at www.reviewevolution.org. It will give you the information you need to respond when the program comes to your own local school.

I'm Nancy Pearcey.

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