Hooking Up More - But Liking it Less

This is Nancy Pearcey, in the Public Square.

College women are having more casual sex, but liking it less. So says a new study by the Independent Women's Forum. A culture of "hooking up" without commitment has turned campuses into training grounds for heartache and divorce.

Whatever happened to commitment? It's been eroded by modern worldviews based on a false view of human origins. Modern thinkers said humanity began not in the Garden of Eden, but in a "state of nature," where solitary individuals are free to make or break relationships whenever they choose.

Well, what students LEARN in the classroom, they LIVE in the dormitory. Today's campus resembles nothing more than a "state of nature," where students drift in and out of relationships, guided only by momentary choices.

The Biblical view of origins says we were made for committed relationships. Before we send Christian teens off to college, we need to equip them to defend biblical morality against a culture of choice.

I'm Nancy Pearcey.

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