Why Divorce is Dangerous

This is Nancy Pearcey in the Public Square.

A new study finds that men who get divorced lose more than a spouse. Theyre also more likely to lose their healthand even their lives. The study appeared in the Archives of Internal Medicine, and it found that men who divorce are more likely to die of things like heart disease than men who stay married.

Divorce is dangerous for women too. Many studies have found that it leads to higher risks of illness, alcoholism, accidents, depression, and suicide.

David Larson, president of the National Institute for Healthcare Research, says the health risks are so high that getting divorced is like smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.

The lesson is clear: The findings of medical science stand firmly behind biblical teachings on marriage and fidelity. Gods moral standards fit the real worldand when we ignore them, were sure to suffer real-world consequences.

Im Nancy Pearcey.

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