Did Religion Evolve?

Where did Christianity come from? It's a product of evolution, says a new book. The title is "Religion Explained: the Evolutionary Origins of Religious Thought," and the author says Christianity is not a product of divine revelation but of natural selection.

This is a part of fast-growing new theory called "evolutionary psychology." It claims that the human brain is nothing but a computer made of meat, and that our beliefs are selected not for their truth value but their survival value. No wonder philosopher Daniel Dennett says Darwinism is a "universal acid" that dissolves away all traditional religion and morality.

Many Americans like to think that evolution was just God's way of creating the world. But today we're seeing naturalistic evolution applied to every aspect of life. It's become a comprehensive worldview that undercuts Christianity to the core. We need to counter it with an equally comprehensive Christian worldview--one that starts with, "in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth."

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