The Daily News Disproves Darwin

This is Nancy Pearcey in the Public Square.

In the aftermath of September 11, everyone is scrambling to give answers--even scientists. At the New York Times, the science desk outdid itself in utter silliness: It explained the heroism of the rescue workers as a product of evolution--akin to the cooperative instincts of bees and ants!

Yet most scientists admit that unselfish behavior is one thing Darwinism can NOT explain. The theory says all life is engaged in a competition for survival. Even cooperation is nothing but wider self-interest--with competition between groups, instead of individuals.

The rescue workers who sacrificed their lives were certainly NOT motivated by the struggle for survival. Genuine altruism can be explained only within a Christian worldview--only if we were created in the image of God, whose paradigm of love was sacrificing Himself for our sakes.

I'm Nancy Pearcey.

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