Computer Built from DNA

This is Nancy Pearcey in the Public Square

Scientists have built a computer thats NOT made with wires and silicon chips. Its made with DNAthe first computer where the input, output, software, and hardware are all made of biological molecules.

The reason it works is that DNA stores immense amounts of data. It codes information in a chemical language and processes it very much like a computeronly much more efficiently. The DNA molecule holds more information in a cubic centimeter than a trillion CD-Roms.

In fact, the cells in our bodies are chock full of molecular machines that far surpass any human technology. This is striking evidence that life could not have arisen by chance. If computer are designed, how much more do we need a Designer to explain the miniature computers in the cell.

The more science advances, the more it supports the biblical teaching of a Creator.

Im Nancy Pearcey.

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