December 25, 2005

Kitzmiller Meets Hospice

By Dr. Howard Glicksman

A proposed letter to my Hospice patients in light of the ruling in Dover:

Dear Hospice Patient:

Recently a ruling was made in a federal court, with respect to the separation of faith and state, concluding that intelligent design in biology is not Science. 

Since I am a medical scientist (physician) who is reimbursed by the state for my services and you are a biological entity (human being) that is enrolled in a state funded program, it is my unhappy duty to inform you that henceforth I will no longer be able to adequately tend to your spiritual needs. 

I realize that as a human being who is approaching imminent death, the questions surrounding the mystery of life take on great import, so much so that significant existential angst may be the result.  However, with this ruling, Judge Jones has made the legal decision that your concerns have been determined to be unfounded and irrelevant to all practical biological science and therefore I must comply with his judgment.

Please be advised however that for your physical and emotional comfort I will continue to prescribe for you intelligently designed pharmaceutical agents which work by acting upon, the now legally determined, unintelligently designed enzymes and receptors that are necessary for life.

Sincerely yours,
Howard Glicksman M.D.

Howard Glicksman M.D. graduated from the University of Toronto in 1978.  He practiced primary care medicine for almost 25 yrs in Oakville, Ontario and Spring Hill, Florida.  He now practices palliative medicine for a Hospice organization in his community.  He has a special interest in how the ethos of our culture has been influenced by modern science’s understanding and promotion of what it means to be a human being.  Comments and questions about this column or any of the previous ones are welcome at

Copyright 2005 Dr. Howard Glicksman. All rights reserved. International copyright secured.
File Date: 12.25.05

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