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Currents Magazine is no longer actively in production. Back issues are being made available on-line through the ARN web site, however. Older issues will be brought on-line as resources permit.

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Current Issue: Spring 1994; volume 3, number 1

In the latest issue of Currents, Forrest Mims III explains how the earth's Ozone layer works. Is the "Ozone Hole" for real? Do you need to worry about Ultraviolet Radiation? Find out for yourself in Tracking the Ozone Layer: What is the Ozone Layer and How Does it Affect You?

Also included in this issue:

  • The Ozone Hole: Sorting Out the Facts
  • Ultraviolet and Your Health
  • Further Reading
  • pdf format; vol.3, no.1 (1832924 bytes)

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