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Mark Hartwig  

Mark Hartwig

Invitation to a Conflict

Invitation to a Conflict:
A Retrospective Look at the California Science Framework

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  • Challenging Darwin's Myths
    Article from Moody Magazine, May 1995.
    File Date: 7.6.95. pdf version (32,000 bytes).
  • Crumbling Icons
    December 2000 Boundless review of Jonathan Wells' Icons of Evolution. File Date: 2.26.01.
  • Denying the Obvious
    Essay from Citizen Magazine. Some Darwinists deny that there's any evidence against their theory. Mark Hartwig discusses some of the evidence that contradicts this claim. He then explores the line of reasoning that allows Darwinists to deny that this evidence challenges their theory. File Date: 6.18.96.
  • Evolution Controversy Not Caused by Religious Fanatics
    Article written for Montgomery Journal, August 25, 1999, about the August 1999, Kansas School Board decision to exclude evolution from the state science testing standards.
  • Evolution Theater: A View from the Peanut Gallery
    In this opinion/editorial published December 24, 200 in the Santa Barbara News-Press, Mark Hartwig examines the climate surrounding the current rhetoric behind the creation/evolution debate. File Date: 5.23.01.
  • Flat Wrong
    1997 article published in Teachers in Focus magazine, in which Hartwig reviews Inventing the Flat Earth: Columbus and Modern Historians by Jeffrey Burton Russell. File Date: 8.17.00.
  • The Meaning of Intelligent Design
    For decades, Darwin’s theory of evolution has reigned supreme. But that reign is being threatened by the growing band of scientists and other scholars who are promoting intelligent design. Although ID has met with vigorous opposition, it is gaining significant ground — and attracting the respectful attention of some of the world’s finest thinkers. File Date: 8.22.01.
  • Measuring Political Correctness: Literacy Test Really a Litmus Test
    Article from the Los Angeles Times, in which Mark Hartwig criticizes the NSF's "literacy" test for being biased toward evolution. File Date: 8.29.96.
  • Missing Evidence
    Moody Magazine 1991 review of Phillip Johnson's Darwin on Trial. File Date: 2.27.01.
  • PBS's "Evolution" More of the Same
    Article from Citizen Link published September 24, 2001. Why don't they get it? For decades now, that question has vexed many leading scientists, who can't understand Americans' refusal to embrace Darwin's theory of evolution. Despite ongoing efforts to convince us that evolution is a fact, polls consistently show that Americans just don't buy it. File Date: 12.31.02.
  • Rigid Dogma
    In this article from the September 2000 issue of Teachers in Focus magazine, Hartwig explores the thought processes of scientific "experts" - and reveals some surprising conclusions. File Date: 8.22.00.
  • Skewed Science: A Review of Teaching about Evolution and the Nature of Science
    Mark Hartwig discusses the recently released guidebook, Teaching about Evolution, noting in particular its dogmatic and skewed treatment of evidence. File Date: 12.15.98.
  • The End of Creationism?
    Article written for Citizen Magazine, August, 2000. File Date: 8.11.00.
  • Was Darwin Right After All?
    In this Boundless article, Mark Hartwig responds to the claims that the recent mapping of the human genome supports Darwian theory. File Date: 4.19.01.
  • The World of Design
    Is "intelligent design" legitimate science? Or is it just religion in disguise? In this article from Teachers in Focus magazine, Hartwig provides a beginner's guide to the world of intelligent design. File Date: 9.10.00.
  • From the Origins Research Archives
  • Project 2061: Visions of Science, Visions of Ourselves
    From Origins Research 14:1, Spring/Summer 1991. File Date: 8.07.03. pdf file (61 kb).
  • The California Science Framework: How Firm a Foundation?
    Editorial on the 1989 California Science Framework. File Date: 3.18.97. Origins Research 13:1. pdf file (10192 bytes).
  • Defending Darwinism: How Far is Too Far?
    Essay on Scientific American's firing of veteran science writer Forrest Mims because he didn't believe in Darwin's theory of evolution. File Date: 3.11.97. Origins Research 13:1. pdf file (12640 bytes).
  • Editor's Column
    Mark Hartwig provides an overview on this issue of Origins Research and it theme topic: Thermodynamics. File Date: 3.12.97. Origins Research 10:1, Spring/Summer 1987.
  • A Note to Teachers
    Co-authored with Stephen Meyer. This article is a reprint of the appendix to the Second Edition of Of Pandas and People by noted authors Percival Davis and Dean Kenyon. Admitting that the subject of origins is controversial, Hartwig and Meyer note that controversy has its benefits and offer teachers a number of convincing justifications for teaching alternatives to Darwinian theory. File Date: 7.2.97. Origins Research 15:1, Spring/Summer 1993.

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