Focus on Darwinism: Interview Video Series
(3 DVD Set)

Michael Denton

Dean Kenyon

Phillip E. Johnson

Michael Denton woke the world up to the many shortcomings of Darwinism in his 1985 book Evolution: A Theory in Crisis. His credentials as a medical doctor and research scientist attracted the attention of the scientific establishment. In this exclusive interview, Dr. Denton talks about the major objections to his book and how he has responded. He offers his unique insight into the many problems with modern Darwinian theory and explains why he feels students should be exposed to the problems.

Exerpt from Video Interview

Professor Dean Kenyon is an authority on chemical evolutionary theory and the scientific study of the origin of life. In 1969 he co-authored a seminal theoretical work in the field entitled "Biological Predestination." He teaches courses in evolution, cell biology, biophysics, and human genetics at San Francisco State University. In this thought provoking interview, Professor Kenyon discusses the numerous problems in neo-Darwinian theory and the scientific evidence which caused him to conclude that the major groups of life were not the result of purely undirected Darwinian processes. Professor Johnson has launched a broadside attack on the stronghold of naturalism with his two recent books, Darwin on Trial and Reason in the Balance.In this fascinating interview Professor Johnson offers his unique insight into the philosophical basis of modern Darwinian theory and the many scientific problems which confront it. With his breadth of knowledge and keen intellect, he brings a fresh perspective to the timeless issue of origins.

All of the videos in this series are professionally produced by the University of California in an interactive format that is ideal for individual viewing or classroom use. Each question is displayed on the screen, followed by a detailed interview response. The tapes can be viewed from beginning to end or queued up on a particular question for use in a classroom discussion.

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