ID and the Future of Science
5 DVD Bundle

Filmed at Biola University April 22-24, 2004

Featuring Phillip Johnson, William Dembski, Michael Behe, Jonathan Wells , Paul Nelson, J.P. Moreland, and others

Save 20% over the individual prices.

Save 20% over the individual prices on these lecture videos from the Intelligent Design and the Future of Science Conference held at Biola University April 2004. This set includes a well-illustrated lecture on The Cambrian Explosion (V049) by Marcus Ross and Steve Meyer, which we feel is the best presentation available on the topic for the general audience.  Likewise Guillermo Gonzalez and Jay Richards give an excellent overview of the evidence for and arguments against their Privileged Planet hypothesis (V048).  As evidence of where ID is headed in the future, Jonathan Wells gives a fascinating lecture on how the Intelligent Design paradigm is providing the foundation for a new approach to cancer research he is involved with.  So if you are on a monetary or time budget and can't afford the entire 13 DVD lecture set from the conference, start with this highly recommended 5 DVD subset.

Copyright © 2004 by Biola University

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Convergent Evolution
Dr. Fazale Rana
Can ID Guide Scientific Research?
Jonathan Wells
The Privileged Planet
Jay W. Richards, Guillermo Gonzalez
The Cambrian Explosion
Stephen Meyer/Marcus Ross
Advances in ID Research

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