Darwinism on Trial Video Study Kit

In this public lecture at the University of California, Irvine, Professor Phillip E. Johnson explains how ambiguous terminology, faulty assumptions, and questionable rules of reasoning have transformed a theory which explains minor evolutionary change into a dogmatic naturalistic religion.

Major topics include:

  • Darwinism as a New Religion
  • Assumptions and Terminology
  • Darwinism and the Blind Watchmaker Hypothesis
  • Logical and Empirical Problems in Darwinian Theory
  • Rules of Reasoning in Modern Science
  • Lively Audience Q&A Session

Some consider this to be one of Professor Johnson's finest lectures based on his first book Darwin on Trial.

Darwinism on Trial:
Phillip Johnson at UC-Irvine

Darwin on Trial

Study Guide:
Darwinism on Trial
Video Study Guide

Professor Johnson explores the academic short-comings of Darwinism. He points out that the scientific community's methods exclude presenting negative arguments for an accepted theory. Johnson does not harangue Darwinism or scientists, but calls for a more intellectually honest evaluation of how life arrived at its present state. This is an excellent introduction to the unresolved issues of Darwinism. A question-and-answer period follows the lecture. Here is the book that has shaken the scientific establishment. From fossil evidence to molecular biology, Phillip E. Johnson offers a careful, reasoned evaluation of the support for Darwinism. Included in this new edition are Johnson's revisions to Chapter 5 and substantive appendix in which Johnson responds specifically and eloquently to his critics. This guide is an excellent companion to the popular video lecture by Professor Johnson. It presents a "road map" to the video and provides thought-provoking questions and related discussion topics to those covered in the video. A series of transparency masters is also included.

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