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RealScience-4-Kids components can also be ordered as individual modules, or as individual components, as your needs dictate.

Real Science-4-Kids
Elementary Science Curriculum

Recommended for Grades K-4

  • Elementary Chemistry

  • Elementary Biology

  • Elementary Physics

Includes the full-color Student Softbound Textbook, Teacher's Manual, and Laboratory Workbook

Dr. Rebecca W. Keller
Gravitas Publications, 2010

Item #RS90
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Real Science-4-Kids is a comprehensive science curriculum geared towards the elementary grade levels. The Elementary curriculum includes basic Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. In this set, fundamental concepts are introduced to begin to form a solid science foundation.

When you order the complete Real Science Elementary package, you receive 3 full-color Student Textbooks, the Teacher's Manuals, and Labratory Workbooks for each module.

Elementary Chemistry, Elementary Biology, and Elementary Physics can also be ordered as separate modules. Each module contains the Student Textbook, individual Teacher's Manual, and Labratory Workbook.

What People Are Saying:

My kids thought the “titrations” were fun and easy [Chapter 5 experiment]. Even my six year old had fun collecting “data”. The word “titration” used to bring fear to my heart when I took college chemistry, and now I even understand it! Now, when my kids have high school or college chemistry, they will already be familiar with the terms and concepts and won't be afraid of taking the “hard” classes.

I'm thrilled that my kids had the opportunity to be involved with this curriculum because they will learn what most people think of as “difficult” concepts of science. My kids learned the vocabulary and concepts so fast, and they didn't think it was any “harder” than building models or riding a bicycle or playing marbles!

— Pam Chesebrough, pilot test family, regarding
Elementary Chemistry, used with her two boys ages 6 and 9.

We totally enjoyed both the Chemistry I and Biology I units of RealScience-4-Kids. Regarding the use of the Biology I CD format, we actually liked having the electronic version, as it gave us options. Some weeks we used it online and others we printed the chapter out. It was nice to be able to do both. The price was terrific, too. :-) Actually, I felt the Chemistry was a great value as is. The Biology was even more of a value! Keep up the excellent work!

— Kimberly Shaw, Sedona AZ (August 2003)

I am a graduate student in Physical Chemistry at The University of Wisconsin-Madison, with three years experience lecturing at the college level, plus seven years as a teaching assistant at the college level. I gave my final exam for RS4K Chemistry I to my own children over the weekend. I've been totally impressed with the program.

I never thought of teaching my kids science because I was always unimpressed with the “Gee, let's throw some baking soda in vinegar and watch it fizz” where you never saw “Why” the soda and vinegar fizzed. I had resigned myself to waiting until my kids knew some algebra before I started teaching science.

My oldest daughter was ready to do pre-algebra so I thought I'd start I was looking for some Jr. High Level science for her. That is when I saw the RS4K chemistry text. I looked at the table of contents and said to myself, “This looks like a Freshman College text book” and then looked at the content and saw “This is grade school level.” I was very impressed on how Dr. Keller was able to remove the math from the material without loosing the “Why” things are happening.

When I’ve shown this material to the profs here at UW-Madison, the normal response is an incredulous, “You are teaching this to grade-school kids!??” They are all just as impressed with the quality of this material as I was when I saw it.

My kids all enjoyed the class immensely. I taught my oldest four (1st grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade and 6th grade) and they all got a great deal out of the course. The older ones had worked through some other texts with my wife, but still learned much more from this course. My 1st grader had a little trouble with some of the material, but overall she did very well. It was very easy for my 4th and 6th graders and was perfect for my 3rd grader.

I’ve already purchased the Biology I text and am going to do this class over the summer — The best time to teach Biology! When you can go digging muck out of the lake and look at it under a microscope. ;-) I showed the text to one of my friends who is a bacteriologist and she was just as impressed with it as I was with Chemistry I, so I’m looking forward to another good experience.

— John Bak, Madison WI
from the RS4K Discussion Forum, May 19, 2003

Just wanted to let you know that I have been teaching RS4K Chemistry Level I to my children ages 10 and 11 and we are absolutely loving it! I have to admit that the only Chem background I have is my 8th grade year of Middle School but my children and I are learning so much!! My son looks so forward to this class. He is comprehending everything and really getting the picture of how it all fits together. We were doing a lesson on Chemical Reactions today and he was comparing it to the motor on his go cart and started talking about oil mixing with gas and making combustion. He says that he loves doing the laboratory manual. We have done all the basic science stuff and I have never seen them so excited about science and this is very refreshing because it is challenging. This has impressed me to no end. The children are actually thinking for themselves and having a great time! Thanks so much for writing this and we look forward to doing Biology next spring.

— Beth Bowman, Tennessee
May 2003

The Results:

The author, Rebecca Keller, used the Chemistry and Physics Level I curriculum with her daughter Kimberly during her fourth grade year. At the end of the year Kimberly took the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) that is administered to public, private and homeschool children across the nation. While Kimberly scored at or slightly above her grade level in most subjects such as reading, math and vocabulary, she scored in the 99th percentile overall for science and her grade equivalent was 11.3.

By providing information through a systematic introduction of basic science facts, the RealScience curriculum gives every teacher the basic knowledge and structure needed to provide students with a good understanding of what science is and what it says about the world around us. Children are naturally inquisitive and want real answers to their questions. They are also naturally inclined toward hands-on experimentation. The RealScience approach combines these two natural interests to guide students into scientific thinking and actual science investigation. The main purpose of the curriculum is not to turn every student into a scientist, but rather to equip students (and teachers!) with enough foundational knowledge so that they can think critically about the world around them and evaluate for themselves the various claims and counter-claims they will encounter in daily life.

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