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Origins 101 - Beyond Naturalism

Formats: DVD

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At ARN we are celebrating our 35 years of challenging naturalism with the release of all of our video products in a digital DVD four-disc collection entitled Origins 101 - Beyond Naturalism (.mp4 files). The full set is available for $75 and features 41 mp4 video products with a web browser menu, and is designed to be played on computers, iPods, smart phones, tablets and any device that can view mp4 files. These products include leading thinkers and authors such as Phillip Johnson, Jonathan Wells, Michael Denton, Dean Kenyon, Michael Behe, Stephen Meyer, Richard Weikart, Michael Strauss and many more. Watch as they take on leading proponents of naturalism such as William Provine, Michael Ruse, and Neill Shanks.

Also available is The Sampler for $25 which contains nine of our favorites from the full-set. Buy the full-set for yourself and the sampler to loan out to friends and family.


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A-01 Creation, Evolution or Both? H. Ross, F. Rana, H. Nelson, K. Plaxco A-02 Can Science Know the Mind of God? Phillip E. Johnson A-03 The Rhetoric of Charles Darwin John Angus Campbell A-04 From Darwin to Hitler Richard Weikart A-05 The Right Questions Phillip E. Johnson A-06 On the Theory of Conservation: Stasis Is Natural; Is Evolution? Art Battson A-07 The Days of Genesis Lee Irons A-08 On the Theory of Evolution M. Ruse, B. Tiffney, J. Wells A-09 Raising Questions About Evolution in the Schools Phillip E. Johnson A-10 Focus on Origins: From the Big Bang to Biology Robert Newman A-11 Intelligent Design: From the Big Bang to Biology Michael Behe B-01 How Darwinists Think Phillip E. Johnson B-02 One Nation Under Darwin Phillip E. Johnson B-03 Should Intelligent Design Be Taught in Public Schools? Deamer, Darling, Nelson, D'Angostino B-04 Intelligent Design Under Fire Panel Discussion


B-05 On the Origin and Design of the Universe Michael Strauss B-06 The Mounting Evidence for Design Hugh Ross B-07 The Privileged Planet Guillermo Gonzalez and Jay Richards B-08 On the Origin of the Cosmos Michael Strauss B-09 Creation of the Cosmos Walter Bradley B-10 Fine Tuning, Intelligent Design, and Naturalism Robin Collins


C-01 Abiogenesis: The Faith and the Facts Edward Peltzer C-02 Focus on the Origin of Life Dean Kenyon C-03 Focus on the Origin of Life Charles Thaxton


C-04 Darwinism: Science or Philosophy? Phillip E. Johnson and William Provine C-05 Irreducible Complexity Michael J. Behe C-06 Critiquing the Icons of Evolution Jonathan Wells C-07 The Cambrian Explosion Stephen Meyer and Marcus Ross C-08 Darwinism on Trial Phillip E. Johnson D-01 Focus on Darwinism Michael Denton D-02 Doubting Darwin and His Theory of Unintelligent Design Scott Minnich D-03 On the Origin of Phyla James Valentine D-04 Convergent Evolution Fazale Rana D-05 Paradigm of Design: The Bacterial Flagellum Scott Minnich D-06 Blind Watchmaker: A Skeptical Look at Darwinism Phillip E. Johnson D-07 Darwinism: Science or Philosophy? Phillip E. Johnson D-08 Detecting Design in Biology William Dembski and Niall Shanks D-09 Focus on Darwinism Phillip E. Johnson D-10 Scientists and Their Molecular Machines H. "Fritz" Schaefer, Michael Behe D-11 Molecular Machines and the Death of Darwinism Wells, Dembski, Nelson, Macosko D-12 Focus on Darwinism Dean Kenyon

NOTE: MP4 digital video is intended to be viewed on computers, iPods, iPads, and equivalent devices. This DVD may not be compatible with older DVD video players.

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