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The Great Debate: Creation, Evolution or Both?

Dr. Fazale Rana, Dr. Hugh Ross

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With Dr. Harry Nelson & Dr. Kevin Plaxco

Recorded at the University of California, Santa Barbara, 2008
Running Time: 2 hours (including Q & A)

Intelligent Design is defined as the study of patterns in nature that are best explained as the result of intelligence. Hugh Ross and Fuz Rana from Reason to Believe (RTB) find this minimalist position of ID highly frustrating because it offers no model to explain the origin, the history and the details of the universe and its life. At RTB they are attempting to move from a very general ID perspective to a very specific Testable Creation Model that they feel is consistent both with the Judeo-Christian Biblical worldview and the most recent evidence from modern science. Ross and Rana make six predictions based on the RTB Testable Creation Model that they feel will either strengthen or falsify their model in coming years.

In this event, held at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Hugh Ross and Fuz Rana present and overview of their model and predictions and two UCSB professors (Dr. Harry Nelson and Dr. Kevin Plaxco) present their responses and reactions to the RTB Creation Model. The four presentations are followed by about 45 minutes of lively discussion between the audience and the panel of four speakers. The topics covered include arguments and evidences from mathematics, physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology and anthropology.

As one observer from the audience points out, and the speakers agree, the question about our origins is not a debate of science vs. religion, but a matter of faith. Either you have faith in a creator-god or you have faith in yet undiscovered natural processes and laws. There are too many open questions in the naturalistic creation story to claim any kind of rational advantage over the RTB creation model. In fact, after watching this debate, you may decide that the evidence for creation is more rational based on the current evidence from modern science.

About the Participants

Dr. Hugh Ross is the President and Founder of Reasons to Believe, a non-profit organization that removes the doubts of skeptics, strengthens the faith of believers and demonstrates that science and the Bible complement one another. Dr. Ross earned his PhD. in astronomy from the University of Toronto. For several years he conducted research on quasars and galaxies as a post-doctoral fellow at the California Institute of Technology. Dr. Ross is the author of numerous books, including The Fingerprint of God, The Creator & the Cosmos, Beyond the Cosmos, The Genesis Question, Origins of Life, A Matter of Days, and his most recent release, Creation as Science.

Dr. Harry Nelson received his Ph.D. in Experimental Particle Physics from Stanford University in 1988. He did postdoctoral research at CERN in Geneva on empirical differences between matter and antimatter, for which he shared the 2005 European Physical Society High Energy and Particle Physics prize. He joined UCSB's Physics Department in 1990 and his research there has focused on experimental characterization of heavy quarks and the experimental detection of astrophysical dark matter.

Dr. Fuz Rana is the Vice President of Science Apologetics at Reasons to Believe. He received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Ohio University and completed a post doctoral work at the Universities of Virginia and Georgia. He has been widely published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature. During the course of the past several years, Dr. Rana has authored numerous articles and books pertaining to the topic of origins, including his most recent works, Origins of Life: Biblical and Evolutionary Models Face Off, Who Was Adam? A Creation Approach to the Origins of Man, and The Unveiled Masterpiece: How the Latest Advances in Biochemistry Reveal the Activity of a Creator.

Dr. Kevin Plaxco received his Ph.D. from California Institute of Technology and performed postdoctoral studies at Oxford and the University of Washington. Dr. Plaxco joined the UC Santa Barbara Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry in 1998. His research focus is on the biophysics of biomolecular folding and its engineering applications. He has co-authored more than 80 papers on protein folding, protein dynamics and folding-based biosensors, and has recently written a popular science book on astrobiology. He has also co-authored numerous patents and has co-founded a company to pursue the commercial applications of his electronic sensing strategy.

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