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Neitzsche vs. Jesus

Dallas Willard

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When we watch commercials on television and see the advertisements instructing us to gratify ourselves and do that which we desire, do we stop to realize how Nietzsche's ideas have taken a hold of our society? Nietzsche's basic teaching to follow one's own self-interest seems to have beaten out the Christian value system in which he lived. Dallas Willard agrees that the first battle brought forth Nietzsche victorious, but Willard proposes that the second round of the fight is upon us. In discussing the controversial ideas of both freedom and truth and, in doing so, contrasting the ideas of Friedrich Nietzsche and Jesus Christ, Willard attempts to show that the freedom our society and culture offers us is not true freedom at all. After delving into the life and times of Nietzsche, Willard speaks on how bending our wills back on ourselves really stifles our freedom and places us in bondage. This is a bondage that Jesus spoke on when he said, "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." For Willard, the second round of the Nietzsche vs. Jesus conflict is settled in our own lives. In this lecture, he presents a thorough view of the Nietzschian philosophy that our culture offers us, contrasts this with the philosophy of Christ, and leaves the ultimate decision up the viewers to put into practice in their own lives. Willard ends the video answering a variety of philosophical questions posed by the audience, spending almost as much time on his answers to them as he does on the actual lecture.

Dallas Willard was a Professor in the School of Philosophy at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. He taught at USC since 1965, where he was Director of the School of Philosophy from 1982-1985. He also taught at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, from 1960 to 1965, and has held visiting appointments at UCLA (1969) and the University of Colorado (1984). He holds the Ph.D. in Philosophy, with a Minor in the History of Science, from the University of Wisconsin.

Dr. Willard's philosophical publications are mainly in the areas of epistemology, the philosophy of mind and of logic, and on the philosophy of Edmund Husserl, including extensive translations of Husserl's early writings from German into English. His Logic and the Objectivity of Knowledge, a study of Husserl's early philosophy, appeared in 1984. Willard also lectures and publishes in religion: Renovation of the Heart was published in April 2002, The Divine Conspiracy was released in 1998 and selected Christianity Today's "Book of the Year" for 1999. The Spirit of the Disciplines appeared in 1988, and Hearing God, which was based upon the earlier In Search of Guidance (1984) came out in 1999. Professor Willard has served on the boards of the C. S. Lewis Foundation and Biola University, and was a member of numerous evaluation, or accreditation, committees for the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Approximately 1 hour

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