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An Evening with Phillip E. Johnson and Friends
In conjunction with the 2004 Intelligent Design Conference, Biola University

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The point of the Intelligent Design (ID) wedge, Dr. Phillip E. Johnson, was given a tribute during the 2004 Biola Conference. In attendance on the "panel" were close associates and familiar foes. Lee Strobel, well-known Christian apologist, spoke of the insights he received from leaders in the writing of his recent book The Case for the Creator. Dr. Willliam Dembski, Associate Research Professor at Baylor University, talked fondly of Phil as being the pioneer of the ID movement. Dr. William Provine, the Charles A. Alexander Professor of Biological Sciences at Cornell University, and an atheist who frequently has debated Dr. Johnson, described Phil as a genuinely likeable man and "twice as smart as me." Dr. Michael Ruse, Professor of Philosophy and Zoology at Florida State University, dubbed as the "delightful detractor", had praise for Phil, and also surprised all by taking off his coat, tie, and shirt and revealing his Darwin T-shirt, to the delight of the crowd. All was in good humor. Others who paid tribute to Dr. Johnson included Dr. Stephen C. Meyer, Director and Senior Fellow of the Center for Science and Culture at the Discovery Institute, Dr. Thomas Woodward, co-author of Doubts About Darwin, a History of Intelligent Design, and Dr. Jed Mocosko, biophysicist at Wake Forest University. Dr. John Mark Reynolds, Founder and Director of the Torrey Honors Program at Biola University gave an eloquent address, dubbing Dr. Johnson as the "Wizard from Berkeley." Dr. Craig Hazen, Director of the Masters of Arts program in Christian Apologetics at Biola University announced a new Biola award, named the Phillip E. Johnson Award for Liberty and Truth. The first recipient was, of course, Dr. Johnson, who has done much in liberating minds from the Darwinian paradigm, an pointing those minds to the Truth of reality.

Recorded April 24, 2004. Approximately 2 hours

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