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On a Theory of Conservation
Lecture by Art Battson

Formats: DVD

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Darwin's greatest insight was perhaps his admission in the Origin of Species that one could come to "directly opposite conclusions."

Modern neo-Darwinian theory is based upon the fundamental assumption of philosophical materialism that all genetic information and the arrival of the fittest arose purely by chance and that the environment, which also must have developed purely by chance, accounts for the survival of the fittest.

Descent with modification through a Darwinian process of random variation acted upon by a randomly generated environment is contingent, however, upon the existence of an irreducibly complex life form to modify, which is in turn contingent upon the existence of an extremely fine-tuned universe. The recent discoveries that the universe had a moment of creation and has been finely-tuned to allow complex life to exist imply an Intelligent Designer behind the entire cosmos. This makes the materialistic assumption that "absolutely everything arose out of absolutely nothing with absolutely no plan or purpose" somewhat dubious.

After describing the conflicts between Darwinian predictions and the pervasive patterns of natural history, Art Battson proposes the development of a Theory of Conservation to explain biology's "ordinary rules of stability" including genetic, ecological, and developmental factors which inhibit major evolutionary change from occurring. The ultimate purpose of a Theory of Conservation is to more accurately describe biological processes than neo-Darwinian theory is capable of doing.

Program recording date & length: 10-25-03 ~ 1 Hour 17 Minutes

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