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The Rule: A One-Act Play

Daniel Schwabauer, John Calvert

Intelligent Design Network, (paperback), 34 pages, 2002

Item# B094
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When Nate Plummer presents his 10th-grade biology class with an objective look at human origins, he has no idea it will put him squarely between the Board of Education and the ACLU, accused of teaching creationism to his students.

In this one-act play, set during a school board meeting convened to investigate his curriculum, Nate the Biology teacher finds himself debating his old friend, Dr. Malcolm Trent, Anthropology Professor and School Board Member, to argue the merits and shortcomings of "The Rule", a.k.a the doctrine of Methodological Naturalism.

Arranged in an on-stage format, The Rule touches on a number of concepts and arguments surrounding the "teach the controversy" debate, relating them to the central question: does ID have a place in the science classroom? By framing the argument around fictional characters engaged in real-life situation, The Rule puts the argument in a more practical and comprehensable form.

The format and length of The Rule make it ideal not only as a quick read, but also as a great learning tool for middle- or high-school students, to help them understand what the "teach the controversy" debate is all about.

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