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Darwin's God: Evolution and the Problem of Evil

Cornelius G. Hunter

Brazos Press, hardback edition, 192 pages, 2001

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With endorsements from Phillip Johnson, Michael Behe, William Dembski and Stephen Meyer on the jacket (see below), anyone following the Intelligent Design movement will recognize this a "must-read" book. Cornelius G. Hunter provides a unique historical, theological and scientific look at the emergence of Darwin's theory. Beginning with the provocative statement that "evolution is neither atheism in disguise nor is it merely science at work," Hunter denies evolution's claim to be pure science, beyond the "entanglements" of faith or belief. Ultimately, he shows how Darwin's theological concerns-particularly his inability to reconcile a loving, all-powerful God with the cruelty, waste, and quandaries of nature-led him to develop the theory of evolution.

Hunter provides the crucial key to engaging the intelligent design debate in the context of modern theology. He addresses the influences of Milton, rationalism, the enlightenment, and Deism, quoting extensively from Darwin's journals, letters, and scientific writings. Readers of history, science, philosophy, and theology will enjoy this honest telling of a complex and engrossing story.

Cornelius G. Hunter was senior vice president of Seagull Technology, Inc., a high tech firm in Silicon Valley. He is currently completing a Ph.D. in biophysics at the University of Illinois.

From the Jacket Cover:

George Hunter brilliantly supports his thesis that Darwinism is a mixture of metaphysical dogma and biased scientific observation, that 'at its core, evolution is about God, not science.'

-Phillip Johnson, author, Darwin on Trial

Biophysicist Cornelius Hunter argues perceptively that the main supporting pole of the Darwinian tent has always been a theological assertion: 'God wouldn't have done it that way.' Rather than demonstrating that evolution is capable of the wonders they attribute to it, Darwinists rely on a man-made version of God to argue that He never would have made life with the particular suite of features we observe. In lucid and engaging prose, Hunter shines a light on Darwinian theology, making plain what is too often obscured by technical jargon.

-Michael J. Behe, Lehigh University

This wonderfully insightful book will prove pivotal in the current reassessment of Darwinian evolution. Darwinists argue that evolution has to be true because no self-respecting deity would have created life the way we find it. Hunter unmasks this theological mode of argumentation and argues convincingly that it is not merely incidental but indeed essential to how Darwinists justify evolution.

-William A. Dembski, Baylor University

A fascinating study of a much overlooked aspect of the origins controversy.

-Stephen C. Meyer, Whitworth College

Table of Contents:
1. Where Science Meets Religion
2. Comparative Anatomy
3. Small-Scale Evolution
4. The Fossil Record
5. One Long Argument
6. Modernism before Darwin
7. The Victorians
8. Evolution and Metaphysics
9. Blind Presuppositionalism

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