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Signs of Intelligence: Understanding Intelligent Design

William A. Dembski (editor), James M. Kushiner (editor)

Brazos Press, paperback edition, 224 pp., 2001

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If you are scanning through our catalog looking for the best bang for your buck, look no further. My favorite resource to introduce folks to the concept of intelligent design use to be the Touchstone Magazine, July/August 1999 special issue on ID. It contained a collection of well-written, readable articles by leaders of the movement including Phillip Johnson, Michael Behe, Paul Nelson, William Dembski, Jonathan Wells, Walter Bradley, Stephen Meyer, Jay Richards, Nancy Pearcey, and John Wiester.

The magazine issue sold so well, that the publishers decided to produce an expanded book edition. The book includes all the main articles along with a substantial new introduction by Dembski, and a new closing article by Bruce Gordon on the scientific status and future of design-theoretic explanations.

This is my favorite "first" book because the reader is introduced to a wide range of authors and topics in capsule format. If an author's topic or style does not interest you, you can quickly move on. The arguments build in sequence starting with philosophical issues, then moving on to biology, information, natural selection, fossil record and cosmological evidence. But readers can easily jump to their area of interest first without feeling like they are starting in the middle of the book.

At this price, fans of ID should have two or three copies lying around to pass out like popcorn whenever the topic comes up in conversation. I often find myself referring back to the magazine whenever I'm trying to recall or defend a particular ID argument. I'm sure the new book edition will soon look just as worn as my magazine copy.

Table of Contents:


Introduction: What Intelligent Design is Not - William A. Dembski

1. The Intelligent Design Movement: Challenging the Modernist Monopoly on Science - Phillip E. Johnson 2. Design and the Discriminating Public: Gaining a Hearing from Ordinary People - Nancy Pearcey 3. Proud Obstacles and a Reasonable Hope: The Apologetic Value of Intelligent Design - Jay Wesley Richards 4. The Regeneration of Science and Culture: The Cultural Implications of Scientific Materialism Versus Intelligent Design - John G. West Jr. 5. The World as Text: Science, Letters, and the Recovery of Meaning - Patrick Henry Reardon 6. Getting God a Pass: Science, Theology, and the Consideration of Intelligent Design - John Mark Reynolds 7. Darwin's Breakdown: Irreducible Complexity and Design at the Foundation of Life - Michael J. Behe 8. Word Games: DNA, Design, and Intelligence - Stephen C. Meyer 9. Making Sense of Biology: The Evidence for Development by Design - Jonathan Wells 10. Unfit for Survival: The Fatal Flaws of Natural Selection - Paul A. Nelson 11. The Cambrian Explosion: The Fossil Records and Intelligent Design - Robert F. DeHaan and John L. Wiester 12. The "Just So" Universe: The Fine-Tuning of Constants and Conditions in the Cosmos - Walter L. Bradley 13. Signs of Intelligence: A Primer on the Discernment of Intelligent Design - William A. Dembski 14. Is Intelligent Design Science? The Scientific Status and Future of Design-Theoretic Explanations - Bruce L. Gordon

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