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Darwinism: Science or Philosophy?
Proceedings of SMU Symposium

John Buell, Virginia Hearns

Foundation for Thought and Ethics, 227 pages, 1994

Item# B017
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If you are ready to move beyond the broad generalizations and sweeping arguments found in most public debates about creation/evolution, then this book is for you. If you want to hear first hand what ten of the nation's finest minds have to say about Darwinism and Intelligent Design as they present stimulting original papers and vigorous responses, then this book is for you.

This book is the proceedings of an extraordinary symposium held on the Southern Methodist University campus in March 1992, featuring keynote speakers Phillip Johnson and Michael Ruse.

Find out what happened at this symposium that caused staunch evolutionist Michael Ruse to later comment about his opponents "I find it a lot easier to hate them in print than I do in person" and admit "What Johnson was arguing was that at a certain level, the kind of position of a person like myself, an evolutionist, is metaphysically based at some level, just as much as the kind of position of...some creationist. And to a certain extent, I must confess, in the 10 years since I performed, or I appeared in the creationism trial in Arkansas, I must say that I've been coming to this kind of position myself."

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