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The Silenced Hearings

Deanna Schoenberger

M&D Enterprises (color spiral bound, 96 pages), 2008

Item# B133
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Also available as a video study kit:
V064SK "Teaching Origins Objectively" (2 hr. video)
V065SK "Teaching Origins Objectively" (5 hr. video)

The controversy over the Kansas Science Standards for the State's public schools made the news in 2004 through 2006 not only in Kansas but across the nation with such headlines as "Kansas School Board Redefines Science, CNN" and "Kansas Drops Study of Evolution, ABC News". So, if it was so well publicized, why is this book called "The Silenced Hearings"? Well, while we heard many opinions about the science standards, we heard little, if any, actual coverage of the science standard hearings. The science standard hearings were held by the State Board of Education for the purpose of clarifying science education issues so that the Board could determine what was needed in the science standards.

In June of 2004, the Kansas State Board of Education received two entirely different recommendations for science standards regarding the origin of life and its diversity form the 26-member science writing committee. These were referred to as the Majority Report (Krebs Group Standards) and the Minority Report (Harris Group Standards). The purpose of the hearings was to offer public testimony from science and education experts in order to decide which recommendation to adopt.

Deanna Schoenberger was shocked by what she learned from these hearings, as well as the outcome, and was motivated to create a brief summary report of the event that even non-scientists could appreciate. This well laid out book presents a clear 2-3 page summary of the major points presented by each speaker, including color photos of each speaker and drawings and diagrams to help clarify the scientific points for the layman. Not only will you hear first-hand testimony from some of the well-known scientists in the ID movement like Michael Behe, Stephen Meyer, Jonathan Wells and Charles Thaxton, but you will hear from other lesser known, but impressively qualified scientists, such as Edward Peltzer, John Sanford, Ralph Seelke, Robert DiSilvestro and Giuseppe Sermonti. Attorneys Pedro Irigonegarary and John Calvert also provide expert testimony on how origins can be taught objectively in the public schools.

This book is highly recommended as a very readable introduction into the origins controversy, and as a resource guide for anyone involved in science education standards. It works well as a standalone book, but is even better when ordered as a kit with 2 hour (V064) or 5 hours (V065) video recording of the Kansas School Hearings.

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