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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Intelligent Design

Christopher Carlisle W. Thomas Smith, Jr.

trade paperback, 324 pages, 2007

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If you have been baffled by the Darwin vs. Design debate, or looking for the perfect book to introduce your co-worker to the topic, then your answer has arrived. With Complete Idiot Guides available on hundreds of topics, the publishers of this catchy series have decided that the smart people are the one’s who admit up front they know nothing about a topic they interested in learning more about, and are secure enough about who they are to have an “Idiot’s Guide” sitting on their coffee table at home as they quickly get up to speed on the key issues and facts.

This book takes a balanced look at the issues with an easy to read layout that includes call-out boxes, definitions, and summary statements throughout each chapter.  Christopher Carlisle is the Episcopal Chaplin at the University of Massachusetts and cofounder of The God and Science Project. He has hosted events on his campus featuring proponents of both sides of the debate. In this book you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of Intelligent Design, including the current debate between science and ID.
  • The history of Intelligent Design over the past 2,500 years
  • How Charles Darwin changed the relationship between science and religion
  • What ID proponents argue may be a more adequate explanation of the life’s origins
  • Why scientists, theologians, and ID advocates must come to some common ground

The layman’s ID Trilogy is now complete when this book is read along with Jonathan Well’s Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design, and Denyse O’Leary’s By Design or by Chance.  The cat is out now out of the bag for the average citizen, and the mandarins of science and the sound-byte news reporters can no longer dismiss ID as “creationism in disguise” or a failed attempt to “sneak religion into the public schools”.  After reading this book, even the village “idiot” will know better.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Hey, What’s the Big ID?
1. What is Intelligent Design?
2. What’s the Scientific Problem?
3. Intelligent Design vs. Creationism

Part 2: The History of ID
4. Ancient Science
5. Medieval Science and the Great Masters
6. Science in the Age of Reason
7. God, Science, and American History

Part 3: “Traditional Science” Applications
8. Mainstream Physics
9. Mainstream Chemistry
10. Mainstream Biology

Part 4: Intelligent Design Applications
11. Intelligent Design Physics
12. Intelligent Design Chemistry
13. Intelligent Design Biology

Part 5: Darwin’s Meaning of Life
14. The Famous and Infamous Charles Darwin
15. Evolution Explained
16. Evolving Atheism

Part 6: “Intelligent” Meaning of Life
17. Gospel of Darwin, According to ID
18. A Question of Culture

Part 7: Is a Resolution Possible?
19. The Nature of Knowledge
20. Evolving Questions
21. Infinite Regression or Common Ground?


  • Glossary
  • Interview with Michael J. Behe, Ph.D.
  • Interview with Michael Ruse, Ph.D.
  • Intelligent Design Timeline
  • The Wedge Project
  • Further Reading
  • Recommended Websites


About the Author
Christopher Carlisle, M. Div., is a professor and the Episcopal chaplain at the University of Massachusetts. He created the popular course BELIEF, which explores the interdisciplinary study of religion and science in the 21st century, and is the co-founder of The God and Science Project.

W. Thomas Smith, Jr., has written four books, as well as thousands of articles for a variety of publications, including USA Today, George, U.S. News & World Report

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