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The Case for A Creator
A Journalist Investigates Scientific Evidence That Points Toward God

Lee Strobel

Trade paperback, 428 pages, 2006

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Paperback Edition

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If you are interested in a summary of the leading evidence for intelligent design, this is one of the best books to start with. The book is about one man�s journey to atheism and back to Christian theism via the scientific evidence. Lee Strobel is an investigative journalist and he tells a fascinating story of his own journey to understand the evidence. It was a lecture in a high school science classroom that had convinced Strobel that life started by chance, and there was no need for a creator God. Ironically, years later after honing his skills as an investigative reporter, it was the science evidence that convinced Strobel that our existence could only be explained by an intelligent designer. Strobel shares that evidence in a compelling manner as he interviews the leading proponents of the intelligent design theory.

Also available as a DVD documentary.

Table of Contents

  1. White-Coated Scientists Versus Black-Robed Preachers
  2. The Images of Evolution
  3. Doubts About Darwinism: An Interview with Jonathan Wells
  4. Where Science Meets Faith: An interview with Stephen C. Meyer
  5. The Evidence of Cosmology: Beginning with a Bang; An interview with William Lane Craig
  6. The Evidence of Physics: the Cosmos on a Razor�s Edge; An interview with Robin Collins
  7. The Evidence of Astronomy: The Privledged Planet; An interview with Guillermo Gonzalez and Jay Wesley Richards
  8. The Evidence of Biochemistry: The Complexity of Molecular Machines; An Interview with Michael J. Behe
  9. The Evidence of Biological Information: The Challenge of DNA and the Origin of Life; An Interview with Stephen C. Meyer
  10. The Evidence of Consciousness: The Enigma of the Mind; An Interview with J.P. Moreland
  11. The Cumulative Case for a Creator

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