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Darwin's Doubt Bundle
(includes The Cambrian Explosion & A Critique of Darwinist Icons DVDs)

ARN# B152

Stephen C. Meyer

2013, HarperOne, 512 pp.

Suggested Donation:
$25.00 (US only)

Intelligent Design or Evolution? Why the Origin of Life and the Evolution of Molecular Knowledge Imply Design

ARN# B117

Stuart Pullen

2005, Intelligent Design Books; Paperback

Suggested Donation:
$7.50 (US only)

Darwin's Nemesis:
Phillip Johnson and the Intelligent Design Movement

ARN# B115

William A. Dembski (editor)

2006, InterVarsity Press(Paperback), 357 pg.

Suggested Donation:

Traipsing into Evolution: Intelligent Design and the Kitzmiller vs. Dover Decision

ARN# B114

David K. DeWolf,
Dr. John G. West,
Casey Luskin,
Jonathan Witt
2006, Discovery Institute (March 2006, Paperback), 124 pg.

Suggested Donation:
$6.00 (US only)

Why is A Fly Not A Horse?
Dimenticare Darwin

ARN# B112

Giuseppe Sermonti

2005, Discovery Institute (Paperback), 176 pp.

Suggested Donation:
$7.50 (US only)

The Evolution Controversy:
Understanding the Basic Issues in the Debate Between Biological Evolution

ARN# B109

Jody Sjogren, M.S.,
Robert Lattimer, Ph.D.,
Doug Rudy, B.S

2005, Metamorphosis Studios, Inc.

Suggested Donation:
$7.00 (US only)

Suggested Donation

Beliefs and Values in Science Education
Michael Poole
(US only)

By Design or by Chance?
Denyse O'Leary
(US only)

By Design: Science and the Search for God
Larry Witham
(US only)

Consumer's Guide to a Brave New World
Wesley J. Smith
(US only)

Culture of Death:
The Assault on Medical Ethics in America

Wesley J. Smith
(US only)

Darwin Strikes Back:
Defending the Science of Intelligent Design

Thomas Woodward
(US only)

Darwinism: Science or Naturalistic Philosophy
The Debate at Stanford University between William B. Provine and Phillip E. Johnson

Video Study Guide
(US only)

Darwinism: Science or Philosophy?
Proceedings of SMU Symposium

John Buell, Virginia Hearns
(US only)

Doubts About Darwin: A History of Intelligent Design
Thomas Woodward
(US only)

Evolution Under the Microscope: A Scientific Critique of the Theory of Evolution
David Swift
(US only)

Glory of Creation: A Book of Art, Nature, and Poetry
Thomas Kinkade
(US only)

Hubble Vision: Further Adventures with the Hubble Space Telescope
Carolyn Collins Petersen, John C. Brandt
(US only)

I Wish I Could Believe in Meaning: A Response to Nihilism
Peter S. Williams
(US only)

Icons of Evolution Illustrations
Jody F. Sjogren
(US only)

Intelligent Design: The Bridge Between Science and Theology
William A. Dembski
(US only)

Invitation to a Conflict: A Retrospective Look at the California Science Framework
Mark Hartwig, Paul Nelson
(US only)

Law, Darwinism, and Public Education: The Establishment Clause and the Challenge of Intelligent Desi
Francis J. Beckwith
(US only)

Modern Cosmology & Philosophy
John Leslie (Editor)
(US only)

Moral Darwinism: How We Became Hedonists
Benjamin Wiker
(US only)

Nature, Design, and Science: The Status of Design in Natural Science
Delvin Lee Ratzsch
(US only)

Realism Regained: An Exact Theory of Teleology, Causation, and the Mind
Robert C. Koons
(US only)

Reason in the Balance: The Case Against Naturalism in Science, Law, and Education
Phillip E. Johnson
(US only)

Rhetoric & Public Affairs: Special Issue on Intelligent Design
John Angus Campbell (Guest Editor)
(US only)

Slaughter of the Dissidents:
The Shocking Truth about Killing the Careers of Darwin Doubters

Dr. Jerry Bergman
(US only)

Summer for the Gods: The Scopes Trial and America's Continuing Debate over Science and Religion
Edward J. Larson
(US only)

Teaching Science in a Climate of Controversy
David Price, John L. Wiester, Walter R. Hearn
(US only)

The Design Matrix: A Consilience of Clues
Mike Gene
(US only)

The Integration of Faith and Learning: A Worldview Approach
Robert A. Harris
(US only)

The Naked Emperor: Darwinism Exposed
Dr. Antony Latham
(US only)

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science
Tom Bethell
(US only)

The Question of God: C.S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud Debate God, Love, Sex and the Meaning of Life
Dr. Armand Nicholi, Jr.
(US only)

The Rule: A One-Act Play
Daniel Schwabauer, John Calvert
(US only)

The Silenced Hearings
Deanna Schoenberger
(US only)

The Wedge of Truth: Splitting the Foundations of Naturalism
Phillip Johnson
(US only)

Three Views on Creation and Evolution
J.P. Moreland (editor), John Mark Reynolds (editor)
(US only)

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(US only)

What Darwin Got Wrong
Jerry Fodor Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini
(US only)

Why Religion Matters: The Fate of the Human Spirit in an Age of Disbelief
Huston Smith
(US only)

World Without Design: The Ontological Consequences of Naturalism
Michael C. Rea
(US only)

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