Natural Philosophy:
A Survey of Physics and Western Thought

David W. Snoke
2003 (softbound edition), Access Research Network, 532 pp.

Item# B072 (ISBN 1-931796-25-4)


First Printing

p60. Before the last equation on this page, the sentence should read "For example, if a car can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in 5 seconds..."

p66. Assignment 2: Assume the object has mass 2 kg.

p67. Third equation: should have (8)^2 ; fourth equation: should be "x = 140 m"

p99. Third equation: should be equal to 3.2x10^(-7) (for correct number of significant digits)

p114. Fourth equation: should be space between 11,200/2 and the unit, m/s

p153. Assignment 2: third line should read "ten feet high and one square centimeter wide"

p163. Equation at bottom of page: should read "transition rate = Af(E_1)f(E_3)"

p164. Equation at top of page: should read "transition rate = Af(E_2)f(E_4)"

Second Printing (November 2003)

p156. Equation 4.6: second line should have (3/2) in denominator.

p 234. Table 6.1: short-wave radio waves should have wavelength from 10^{0} to 10^{-1}

p 448. Paragraph 2: should be Louis Pasteur, not Louis Pascal .

p 448. Last paragraph: DNA has a little over 100 million segments, by standard estimates, not 1 billion.

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