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Number Forty-Nine, November 18, 2005

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New Video

Should Intelligent Design be Taught in the Schools?
Discussion Forum Featuring Dr. Paul Nelson

A Forum discussion on whether or not “intelligent design” should be taught in schools was presented at the University of California, Santa Cruz, on October 11, 2005. The panel members included David W. Deamer, University of California, Santa Cruz; Paul A. Nelson, Senior Fellow, Discovery Institute; Robert J. D’Agostino, John Marshall Law School; Darrell Darling, theologian and biblical scholar; Moderator: Ellen Suckiel, Provost, Stevenson College at UC Santa Cruz.

This is a very timely topic as school boards, university presidents, President Bush, the Pope and the Dali Lama have been talking about ID in recent months.  The first court case on ID will be decided soon in Dover Pennsylvania.  No matter what the outcome expect this to be only the first court battle on ID, not the last.  For a great summary of some of the action read Mike Behe’s blog entry or Casey Luskin’s report of Scott Minnich’s testimony.  If you really want some entertainment read through the actual court transcripts. Another gem from the trial is the expert witness report submitted by science philosopher and historian Steve Fuller who concludes that intelligent design is a legitimate scientific inquiry.

If you are wondering why legal battles are erupting over the issue just read what happened to one college student who tried to present alternatives to Darwinism on his own time, or the recent State of the University speech by the President of Cornell, or the assault on academic freedom by the President of the University of Idaho.   

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The course includes self-test instruments for each chapter and an end-of-course project that requires the student to address the current intelligent design controversy. The student will prepare a written, oral, broadcast, or art/performance project that demonstrates awareness of the issues and offers a personal response.

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