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Number Fifty-Eight, September 12, 2006

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    A Meaningful World:  How the Arts and Sciences Reveal the Genius of Nature

    by Benjamin Wiker and Jonathan Witt. In this groundbreaking book, Wiker and Witt show that nature offers all of the challenges and surprises, all of the mystery and elegance, we associate with design and, further, with artistic genius. They begin in Shakespeare and range through the fine-tuning of the laws of physics, the Periodic Table of Elements, the artistry of ordinary substances like carbon and water, the intricacy of biological organisms, and the drama of scientific exploration itself. In contrast to contemporary claims that the world is ultimately meaningless, Wiker and Witt reveal a cosmos charged with both meaning and purpose. This timely book reveals a universe of variety, artistry and meaning by taking an integrated look at both the arts and sciences—an amazing liberal-arts education in one volume.  This is “required reading” for those interested in ARN’s ID Arts Initiative and has been endorsed by Phillip Johnson, Michael Behe, William Dembski and other leaders of the ID movement.
  • YouTube:
    Music videos Do the Evolution vs The Riddle.

    The Darwin vs. Design debate seems to be playing out in unique ways in the exploding video culture of YouTube with these music videos by Pearl Jam (Do the Evolution) and Five for Fighting (The Riddle).  Whether you like the music or not, these two groups seem to grasp the worldview implications of Darwin and Design.
  • DR G.:
    The Heart of the Matter: Electrical Disorganization spells D-E-A-T-H

    In the September column, Dr. Glicksman takes a detailed look at the fascinating design of the human heart.  The main premise of these articles is to demonstrate the illogical scientific position of evolutionary biologists to affirm that life has come into being solely by the forces of nature: natural selection acting on random variation without any possibility of intelligent agency: solely by trying to explain how a given biomolecule in a metabolic pathway came into being without generally considering, not only how and when the other necessary parts of the pathway came on the scene, but also the pathway’s ability to allow for survival. For the presence of parts should not assume function and the presence of function should not assume survival capacity.  NeoDarwinian explanations of how life came about always seem to involve only one molecular or microscopic component within a more complex system, or one organ system within a life form which is dependent on many others for survival. They miss the forest from the trees. For no one would propose to show how a car came into being by simply discussing the development of the carburetor without at the same time referring to the gas tank and the fuel pump, or the fuel system independent of the body, the chassis, the transmission, and the cooling and lubrication systems. The same applies to life. Once you understand the mechanisms that bring on death, causing the inability to reproduce, then you immediately see how incomplete and facile is the dogma of macroevolution for Neodarwinian evolutionary biologists. 


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