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Number Eleven, January 26, 2001

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This is the eleventh issue of ARN-Announce. It describes many of the upcoming events and new articles, books, videos and other resources on Intelligent Design. Please forward this message to several of your friends and colleagues to let them know about the resources available at Access Research Network ( Back issues of ARN-Announce can be found at


New Video Panel Discussion featuring three professors and three world views

Many people define success in life as reaching some goal or destination: graduating from college, getting married, buying a house, or landing the big job. While setting and achieving goals are important in life, others have been quick to point out that success is not based on reaching a certain destination, but on the quality of the journey. If you define success as reaching a destination, and fall short of your goal, then disappointment is sure to follow. If, however, you define success as enjoying the journey on the way to your destination, then satisfaction can be achieved no matter how far you get.

We often approach the topic of origins in a similar fashion. Our Stanford debate video with Phillip Johnson and William Provine ( is a perennial best seller because people like definitive conclusions and winners and losers. But as Phillip Johnson has stated, his goal in debating is not to win, but to start a conversation. When you win, the conversation usually ends.

Our newest video product is not a destination or a debate, but rather a journey, The Journey: In search of our Origins. In this two-hour panel discussion, an agnostic, a Buddhist, and a Christian grapple with the big questions of life: What is Truth? What knowledge can we trust when it comes to understanding our origins, our everyday world, and all of life's experiences? Does the scientific method and the assumptions of naturalism explain everything? Can brute reason explain human consciousness and altruism, or must we explore other ways of knowing?

These three panelists have spent a lifetime pursuing answers. Dr. Tiffney, a geology professor at UC Santa Barbara, was raised in a family of scientists, and for him life is a hierarchy of probabilities. Dr. Schloss, a biology professor at Westmont College, dropped out of college at one point to live in a commune on Hawaii, where an encounter with the Christian God changed his life. Dr. Wallace, a religious studies lecturer at UC Santa Barbara, spent years in the Tibetan mountains meditating with Buddhist monks before returning to the finest universities in America to try to integrate Eastern and Western thought. The personal journey that each man shares is as fascinating as the discussion and interchange.

Held on the Santa Barbara campus of the University of California, this panel discussion represents the ideal of the university experience--competing ideas presented on a level playing field by worthy proponents. This program was recently broadcast on UCTV, which is available to millions of viewers on the DISH Satellite network. Here are a few of the comments received from viewers:

"One of the most open minded dialogues in the scientific community"

"One of the most exciting shows I have seen.  Keep up the great work!"

"A very interesting show. Thank you very much again."

"I will send my comments to Dr. Alan Wallace at UCSB. I am a quantum physicist, and I enjoyed watching The Journey: In Search of Our Origins"

If you are a destination person, this video may not be your cup of tea. No hard conclusions, no winners and losers. But if you are the journey type, then by all means order a copy today. You will reach the end of this two-hour dialog wondering where you can see the next episode. To order a copy of the video go to: (if you order two ARN videos you can get one free as described below).


We are calling this our Valentineís Special. Buy any two ARN videos between now and February 14, 2001 and receive a third ARN video for free! Simply order any two videos products or video study kits from our online pages. When you go to checkout, there is a Comments/Special Instruction field. Enter the Product ID and name of the free title you would like in the Comments field and we will ship it to you at no charge with your order (the free video must be a single video, not be a multi-video set or video study kit). To order your ARN videos go to:


Itís been a while since Bill Dembski wrote a book (at least 9 months), but that does not mean his keyboard has been quiet. There are several new postings on his featured author page at the ARN web site.

Critics of Intelligent Design often raise the arguments that ID is simply creationism in disguise, an anti-Darwinism movement, or offers no positive scientific research program. In response Bill Dembski posted this brief piece entitled "Design as a Research Program: 14 Questions to Ask About Design." To view this article go to:

Many of you may be aware of the Polanyi Center recently established at Baylor University under William Dembskiís leadership to do further research on Intelligent Design. It seems certain Baylor science faculty were a bit miffed that this center was setup without their consent or involvement. They finally found a way to get Bill ousted, but in the end it was Baylorís reputation that suffered. To read a recent report from the Dallas Observer on the situation go to:

The Baylor faculty has not been the only one picking on Dembski. A whole host of critics from Christian theologians to hard-core skeptics have been throwing darts at Bill (sorry Bill, thatís what happens when you challenge peoples cherished beliefs). They have attacked his character, questioned his motives and occasionally even challenged his ideas. In this November 2000 Internet essay, William Dembski lays his cards on the table and responds to his many critics. In particular, he addresses himself to Eugenie Scott, Howard Van Till, Elliott Sober, Larry Arnhart, and Michael Shermer. To view his response, go to:


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