August, 2013

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The exclusive ARN Special Offer:

Upon reflection of his “Origin of Species,” Charles Darwin famously admitted “I am well aware that scarcely a single point is discussed in this volume on which facts cannot be adduced, often apparently leading to conclusions directly opposite to those at which I have arrived. A fair result can be obtained only by fully stating and balancing the facts and arguments on both sides of each question, and this cannot possibly be done here.” (Introduction to “On the Origin of Species,” 1859)

Although it took over 150 years for someone to fully state and balance the facts, Stephen C. Meyer has done the job admirably. His most recent book, “Darwin's Doubt” is a game changer and paradigm shifter: a 21st Century answer to 19th Century philosophical naturalism and notion that micro can be reliably extrapolated to account for the macro (aka The Flat-Earth Fallacy).

If you haven't already purchased a copy of Stephen C. Meyer's “Darwin's Doubt” you don't know what you're missing. If you have purchased it, you know you need another copy to share with a friend. ARN is happy to make your day (and get your Christmas shopping out of the way early). In addition to a hard cover copy “Darwin's Doubt”, ARN will throw in 2 special DVDs for a total contribution of only $25.00. The DVDs include “The Cambrian Explosion” with Stephen Meyer and Marcus Ross and “A Critique of Darwinist Icons” featuring Jonathan Wells.
See http://www.arn.org/arnproducts/php/book_show_item.php?id=146 for details.

ARN News Flash

Be sure to catch the latest news from our premiere bloggers, David Tyler and Tom Magnuson:

David Tyler (http://www.arn.org/blogs/index.php?author=11)

  • Icons of evolution continue to mislead

  • Progressionist language in science literature

  • Human ancestry declared to be still an enduring puzzle

  • Camera designs inspired by arthropod eyes

  • On academic freedom to discuss infanticide

Tom Magnuson (http://www.arn.org/blogs/index.php/3?author=4)

  • Mark Armitage possibily the latest victim of the Darwinist inquisition

  • BSU closes records of prof review

  • Frank Turek's review of Darwin's Doubt

  • Petition Filed on White House Website to Ban the Teaching of Creation in U.S. Schools

Art Battson

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