December, 2011

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Year-end Donation Opportunity
Phillip Johnson

Year-end Donation Opportunity: Support ARN today and receive the Phillip Johnson Greatest Hits collection celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Darwin on Trial.

Greetings from the ARN Staff. In case you havenít heard, 2011 is the 20th Anniversary of Phillip Johnsonís seminal book Darwin on Trial. With this book the Law Professor from UC Berkeley made it intellectually respectable to be a Darwinian Skeptic and helped launch the intelligent design movement. Discovery Institute is celebrating the occasion with a website honoring the man and the book. At ARN we are celebrating the occasion by releasing two Phillip Johnson archive DVDs, one containing 10 of his best video lectures, debates and interviews in digital format (.mp4 files), and the other containing 25 of his best audio lectures, debates and interviews in digital format (.mp3 files). For a listing of the contents of each DVD go to Phillip Johnson Greatest Video Hits and Phillip Johnson Greatest Audio Hits. These archives are designed to be played on digital media players such as your computer, iphone, ipad, etc., and most likely will NOT play on your standard DVD or CD player. Our standard products are still available for those formats, but with the digital age upon us, this is a great way to get Philís fabulous presentations available to a wider audience in a compact format. Even if you own some of the original DVD lectures, this archive set will certainly become a collectorís item in years to come.

We want to thank you for your support of ARN over the years. We depend on your product purchases and donations to make ARN one of the leading information portals on Intelligent Design. In appreciation for a $50 donation or more received by December 31, 2011, we would like to send you either the Video or Audio DVD Collection. For a donation of $100 or more we will be happy to send you both.

Donations may be made online at http://www.arn.org/arnproducts/donation.htm. Specify either Audio DVD or Video DVD in the comment field when you check out (or Audio & Video DVD if your donation is $100 or more). Credit card donations can also be made by phone by calling 888-259-7102 and leaving your information on our secure answering machine or with our office manager, Sarah. Of course old fashion checks are always welcome which you can send to ARN, PO Box 38069, Colorado Springs, CO 80937. Donations sent by mail must be postmarked by 12/31/2011 in order to receive a charitable contribution receipt for 2011.

— Dennis Wagner, Executive Director

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