May 30, 2011

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The Myth of Junk DNA

The Myth of Junk DNA
by Jonathan Wells

A number of leading proponents of Darwinian evolution claim that “junk DNA”—the non-protein-coding DNA that makes up more than 95% of our genome—provides decisive evidence for Darwin’s theory and against intelligent design, since an intelligent designer would not have littered our genome with so much garbage. In The Myth of Junk DNA, biologist Jonathan Wells exposes their claim as an anti-scientific myth that ignores the evidence, relies on illegitimate theological speculations, and impedes biomedical research. Far from consisting mainly of junk, the genome is increasingly revealing itself to be a multidimensional, integrated system in which non-protein-coding DNA performs a wide variety of essential biological functions. If anything, the genome actually provides evidence for intelligent design, not against it. After reading this book, your view of the genome—and of the people who claim to represent science while they misrepresent the evidence—will never be the same again.
The book is written for a broad non-technical audience and includes illustrations and a glossary of cellular terminology to help the non-biologists grasp the implication of the data.  A more technical audience will also find the book of value as Wells cites hundreds of research articles as he describes the expanding story of non-coding DNA.

Go here to view the table of contents, read a reviews, and order your copy today.

Special Jonathan Well’s ICONS Bundle


In celebration of Jonathan Well’s new book on the Myth of Junk DNA we are offering our readers a special bundle of his books and videos on the ICONS of Evolution. This Special Bundle includes one documentary DVD, a DVD Study Guide, one lecture DVD, and a 362 page book. Purchased individually these resources would cost over $90. This bundle is available for a limited time for only $60 (including U.S. shipping). 

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ARN News Flash
Quote about The Myth of Junk DNA by Jonathan Wells

“Citing hundreds of peer-reviewed articles which show that more and more of the genome is functional, Jonathan Wells delivers a powerful and carefully researched broadside against the ‘junk DNA hypothesis.’ Even biologists who firmly reject the notion of intelligent design must surely acknowledge on the evidence presented in this timely book that appealing to ‘junk DNA’ to defend the Darwinian framework no longer makes any sense.”

-- Michael Denton, Ph.D., Medical Geneticist and Author of Nature's Destiny

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